Smart Fitness

Find the best exercises for you and tailor them into a personalized workout. Create and share programs, study new techniques, and track your progress!

Full Body Focus

Start by learning hundreds of techniques with our video and photo library. Use these techniques to build your own custom program that you can share with other users. Create the perfect workout program to suit your goals!

Our Features

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Build a Customized Programs

Build your own personalized program or use one of our upcoming programs (Cardio/Circuit/Resistance). Whatever it takes to get moving!

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Interval Timer

Adjust times and rests to a variety of activities. With the interval timer you will make your training much more effective. You can set up to 99 intervals!

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Share Programs with Friends

Share your programs with your friends and workout buddies. Develop workout programs that you can do alone, together, or with people across the globe!

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Video and Images

Browse our library of 1000s of videos and how-to photo guides to learn new exercises and techniques. They'll teach you step-by-step how to complete all the most popular fitness methods for every level of athlete.

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Customized Workout Methods

We offer a diverse selection of workout methods so that your time at the gym is always fresh and exciting! We have options ranging from fun moves to serious exercises for you to use depending on your mood and goals for the day.

App Reviews

Michael C.

The thing I most like about this app, is that I can use many different accessories like Stability ball, Kettlebells, Suspension straps and much more! And of course the program is customized for my needs.

Highly recommended!!!


John A.

Dude! This is the best training app EVER. I’ve always wanted to build myself a training program, but couldn’t find the right guide… This app is the REAL DEAL!..


Emily T.

Love it! It adjust to my age, my fit level, my goals and available at any time. And I even shared my plan with my friend.

Never seen an app like that before!


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